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On Tuesday, March 10, Susan Kelly and I were notified that the City of Kenner is raising rental fees for all gyms, including Susan Park Gym. We were further advised that the ruling would be “strictly enforced.” Our rental fees will triple. We immediately began to consider other facilities, perhaps in an adjoining Parish.

Then, on 3/13 Jefferson Parish closed schools. We anticipate an extension of the school year into the summer. This will keep our teachers, in particular Susan Kelly (the other half of NOLA BHF), at work when the trial is scheduled on June 3-7.

We also anticipate that our June attendance will be less due to COVID-19, even if restrictions for gatherings of no more than 10 people are lifted. Look around one of our shows and you’ll see a significant mix of people in the high risk range, including myself.

Bottom line, like so many other groups and businesses, we are facing tough decisions in uncertain times. Therefore, we must unfortunately cancel our June trial, and must do so before the opening date. We truly regret having to do this, but due to the circumstances, we must. This will allow our judges and participants to make other plans, and it will keep us from taking unsustainable losses if we schedule and cannot find a facility. As we told our judges, we hope to be “back in the blind” as soon as possible, and we look forward to seeing everyone again!

Susan Kelly will be the point person for locating our new future venue. That way, she can assure that the required ring/blind/crating dimensions are adequate and that the set-up logistics will work. Contact Susan with suggestions or questions at 504-905-6046, email

This has been a very difficult letter to send out. But I know our great NOLA Barn Hunt Friends community will be there to support each other until normalcy returns and we can all “Get dat rat!” again.

-Susan Cohen & Susan Kelly - NOLA Barn Hunt Friends

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