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Raffle Info

At each of our trials, we have a raffle table that trial

participants can donate a raffle item to. Here is a little

information on how you can participate in the trial raffle.

You can create a raffle basket full of dog or human related

items. Each person is different with how they present their

raffle item(s) - there is no wrong or right. Items can be put

together as a raffle basket or single items can be donated

as well as single items being added to other baskets that

have been donated.

Raffle items are brought to the trial in their completed

form. Please do not bring items to be used at future

raffles, the trial committee already has their hands full with

the equipment, ribbons, supplies, etc. for putting on the trial that it is difficult to take these raffle items and store them for future use.

Raffle items are only as good as your imagination! But any items donated are greatly appreciated.

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