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First Time - Obtaining a Barn Hunt  



Entering a Barn Hunt

Your dog will need a Barn Hunt Association, LLC, number to compete in sanctioned Barn Hunt trials. You can obtain a number by going to the Barn Hunt Association. Along the top row under the picture of the dog there are menu choices. First, create an account by choosing the 10th option, “Log In.” Next Choose “Not a member? Sign Up” to create your account.






























After you have created an account, choose the 6th option, “Register Dog(s)” on the Home page.
Choose “Register” on the drop-down menu then click on “Click here to enter the Register.”




On the dropdown menu for “Register Dogs” you will also see “Register Guide.” This will bring you to a document explaining the Register functions. The Register is very important. Functions include:
  • Find your Registration number, required to enter Events.
  • Search for Events
  • Find and view/download Premiums
  • Use the Create Mail-In Entry form to pre-fill entry forms
  • View and edit your dog’s information.
  • Check that the correct qualifying scores were entered after a show
  • Keep track of qualifying scores
  • Find and print Title Certificates
This homepage of the Barn Hunt Association also has the BHA Rules (5th option). You will want to be familiar with the Competitors Rules. PLEASE READ THE RULES.
On the Register you will see “Add Dogs.” Go here to enter information about your dog. Enter information carefully. Your entries for entry forms created on the BHA site will use this information. This is what is sent to the Trial Secretary and what is used to enter qualifying scores in order to earn titles for your dog. Also, this information is used for your Title Certificates. So, for example, if even an apostrophe is in the wrong place on your dog’s name, it will appear that way on your Title Certificate.














The next question you may have is, how do I enter a Barn Hunt trial? You can find a list of trials on the Barn Hunt Association website. After you have created an account, a page listing upcoming events will open whenever you log in. Trials are listed within a distance from your zip code that you choose and enter.
You can click on trials that you want to enter to get the Premium (Show List) which has important information about that event.
Sanctioned trials held by NOLA Barn Hunt Friends can also be found on Hover over "Upcoming Events" and click on the event to take you to the page with information and premium for that event.
Click on "Create Mail-In Entry Form" to complete an entry form.
THIS DOES NOT ENTER YOU INTO A TRIAL; IT ONLY CREATES YOUR ENTRY FORM. You can send the entry form you create to the Trial Secretary for the show you wish to enter. The Trial Secretary's address appears on the entry form. Entry into a trial is not complete until it is SENT TO AND RECEIVED BY the trial secretary WITH payment AND signature. You will receive an email with confirmation that your entry form was received.
Entries into NOLA Barn Hunt Friends trials can be mailed with payment by check/money order OR emailed with payment through Venmo or PayPal using the buttons on the current trial information page under "Upcoming Events". (No need to have a PayPal account; you can choose to use a credit or debit card. Fees are included if using the PayPal buttons on the Event Page OR if paying directly from PayPal you must include the 3% fee in your payment.) For instructions on how to electronically or regular mail your entry forms, go to:
If emailing entries, send to the Trial Secretary listed on the Premium (show list), email address: 
She will be happy to answer any additional questions about your entry.
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First Time - 4.Adding dog to
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