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  1. Try and stay through an entire Blind (group) of hunts, arriving and leaving as the rat locations are changed, keeping disruption to a minimum.

  2. Observe and admire the hunting, scenting, problem solving, and teamwork skills of the dog.

  3. Do not mention where the live rat is hidden, either to another observer or exhibitor.  You could be overheard by others.

  4. Minimize conversation during the run.  Once the run is over, feel free to cheer and congratulate or commiserate with the team.

  5. If you see a dog eliminate on course and the judge/gate steward doesn't see it, wait until after the run to tell the gate steward who will arrange for clean up.

  6. Other than elimination in the ring, if the judge didn't see it, it didn't happen.  If then judge didn't see the climb/tunnel or other non-qualifying behavior (patting bale, touching dog, etc.), it is not your job to mention it.

  7. Please remain at least two feet from the fencing as marked for the rat wrangler's lane, and all spectator's dogs should remain at least 20 feet from the ring.

  8. No food near the rings; beverages allowed.

  9. Let your dog relax in the crate or car (weather permitting) while you are watching. You learn more without having to attend to your dog.

  10. You may video or photograph (for personal use only) working teams as long as you are not a distraction to the team, i.e., loud shutter noise, too close, or hanging over fencing, etc.  No flash photography allowed.  All other rights to photograph are reserved to the official show photographer.

  11. No visiting the "Rat Rest Area" with or without your dog. Strictly enforced. Rats must be kept comfortable and stress free.

  12. This is a high-arousal sport.  Be aware of your surroundings and dogs entering and leaving the ring.  Children must be supervised at all times.

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