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You and Your Dog!!

You will need to register your dog with the Barn Hunt Association, LLC, (BHA) if you want to enter a sanctioned Barn Hunt Trial.  When you register your dog is assigned a Barn Hunt number. This can only be done online by going to  The fee to register your dog is $30.  This is a one-time fee.

Barn Hunt Trials are listed on the BHA website under "Events, Events Calendar."

You will also find trials listed at "Register Dog(s), Register." When you go to that page you can set the range of the trial search in the open box for "Within (blank) miles of zip code (blank)."Once you have found a Barn Hunt Trial you would like to attend, you must enter the trial through the organization putting on the trial.


You will find information about entering the Trial in the Premium. The Premium is a publication created by the Show Secretary. It will list information about the show including the date/location of the show, judges, classes, awards, entry form and entry fees, and more. You may request a premium by contacting the Show Secretary or by clicking on "premium" next to the show listing on the Register.


Barn Hunt is a team effort between you and your dog.  Your dog has to complete 3 elements (except in Instinct where tunnel and climb are not required):                      

Task #1  Go through a tunnel

Task #2  Climb on a bale of straw/hay with all 4 feet

Task #3  FIND THE RAT and INDICATE the find to the Handler who calls "Rat!"


With each level the task get a little more complex.  


Refer to the Barn Hunt Rules on the BHA website,

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