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Sponsored Ribbons

Some of our trials offer "Sponsored Ribbons." Anyone can sponsor a ribbon for any class, breed, or type of dog. You can even sponsor a ribbon in memory of a dog. Everyone loves getting those BIG Rosettes. Sponsored ribbons (from the vendor Hodges) are $20 plus shipping/handling. The total fee for a sponsored ribbon is $25 per ribbon.
To sponsor a ribbon, complete the form below and send to Sue Cohen.

Deadline to order a sponsored ribbon for the September 2019 Trial is

August 27, 2019.


Mail: 5405 Cocos Plumosas Drive Kenner, LA, 70065

Payment for sponsored ribbon can be by PayPal (includes $1 fee to cover PayPal costs) or check. If you would like to use PayPal, Click on "Add to Cart."


Examples of Past Sponsored Ribbons

Goose Egg Award: Raffle where competitors enter a  ticket for every non-qualifying run.

Highest Scoring (sponsor names breed of choice) Out of 6 Trials

High Scoring (sponsor names breed of choice) in Novice

Rescued Dog That Earns a Title Within the W/E

Rescued Breed That Earns a High In Class

Highest Scoring (sponsor names breed of choice) in Senior

Youngest Dog To Have a Qualifying Run

Oldest Dog To Have a Qualifying Run

Highest Scoring Mixed Breed in (sponsor names class of choice)

High in Novice Class 1st Barn Hunt

Cancer’s Ass Kicker - for a cancer surviving dog that earns the highest Q

I Smell a Rat - for the highest scoring (sponsor’s breed choice)

Small and Fearless – High in Class small (sponsor names class of choice) dog

Highest Scoring (insert breed of choice)

Newbie Award - Highest Scoring dog First Trial

Just Squeaking By - For the dog that Qs with the least amount of time left (any level)

Highest Scoring freckled dog

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