Important Covid-19 Info

Please make sure you read the COVID-19 Barn Hunt rules that are currently in place on their website - - before attending the trial.

All exhibitors will be required to SIGN a WAIVER before participating in a sanctioned barn hunt event. Even non-exhibitors that are attending the trial must sign the waiver.


ALL EXHIBITORS AND ATTENDEES will be required to wear a wristband during the event. Wristbands will be provided the mornings of the trial. You will have to check in with the trial secretary to receive your wristband. This is to ensure that no outside visitors enter the show site without prior confirmation of the COVID waiver.


Face masks and face shields WILL NOT be provided by the club. There is a no tolerance rule in place regarding masks. You will be asked to leave the trial grounds if you are without a mask.


Susan Cohen:

Susan Kelly:

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